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Ides of March Costume
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Cosplay costume information.

What is your turn around time?
I would prefer at least 8 to 10 weeks PLUS shipping time (if applicable) on all custom garments including cosplay, renfaire, and Halloween. For wedding parties, I would prefer at least one year turn around time. Rush orders are welcome, but are subject to time availability.
Can you make the costume look exactly like this anime character?
I can try to get it to look like that character as humanly possible. Please take into account that many of the anime character's costumes are highly idealistic, and sometimes cannot be replicated in real life without comprimises.
What are your terms for business?
I require a signature on a valid estimate (estimates are valid for 60 days before new pricing must be considered) and a 50% consultation fee before accepting a commission. If you are in another state or anywhere else other than Southern California (LA, Riverside, Orange, San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties), then I prefer to have your measurements taken by a professional tailor/seamstress and shipped to me beforehand. Alterations are local. All sales are final, as there are no returns or exchanges for custom garments unless for faulty workmanship which will be fixed and then returned at my expense if proven to be a reasonable claim.
Do you have any warranties?
I warrant the garments to be true to the estimated description and terms discussed before acceptance of estimate. I do not warrant rips, tears, maims, chewings, stains, discolorations, breaks, mars, spots, make up or perfume drippings, stretchings, shrinkings or anything else that happens to a garment thanks to customer negligence. I do warrant, however, faulty seams, adornments that fall off, and broken buttons, zippers, etc. that happen without customer negligence (and I can tell the difference, mind you).
Do you do props/jewelry/that big humongous sword so-and-so carries?
Yes, yes, and yes...but be sure that the swords and knives and such are under convention regulations. Be sure to mentions jewlery and props when asking for an estimate, or I will not figure it in. I also do masks and armor, but not vacuum form. Sorry, Storm Troopers.
Are your costumes historically accurate?
If you are asking for a historically accurate costume, then, yes, I will do my best to make it as historically accurate as possible. Please remember that the prices and availability of a certain type of fabric in 1590 (or insert date here) has changed since then.
Will you tell me how you made such and such, or how you think such and such from this movie was made?
No, and no. I am not a free consult. I must pay bills too. I am sorry. If you would like to hire me for consultation, please do.
Do you wash your fabric before cutting?
Yes, I wash cotton and other fabrics before cutting unless preshrunk. I also sew fabric as accurately as possible.
How do I care for such and such garment?
I provide care instructions with each garment I make on private commission. Dress up is a beautiful hobby and garments are expensive, so I understand that a person would want to take care of their reproduction 1920's fully beaded gown (or insert garment here) properly.
How much do you charge for your services? How come no numbers are available on your site?
I believe each garment is different depending on the desires of the client. I will work with you personally to create a garment to your specifications. I do not post prices on my website, contact me through e-mail for an estimate.
What's your phone number? Where are you located?
Due to the internet being a highly exploitable free information smorgasbourd, I would prefer if you contacted me through e-mail. I check my e-mail several times a day, each day, so I will get back to you almost immediately.
I'm in a rush!
Depending on how much time you've allowed me, I can still do the costume for you. In the event that I have other commissions ahead of me, I will refer you to someone else. Please be advised that a special rush rate will apply.
I don't like how my costume turned out. Give me a refund.
Sorry. I check with my clients throughout the process of the creation of the garments to make sure they will recieve complete satisfaction. If no word was said about something during this process, I cannot help that. All sales are final, and please refer to the warranty above.