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Ides of March Costume
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Welcome to Ides of March Costumes, run by me, Jennifer L. Lopez. I specialize in all types of costumes and believe in authenticity and quality.
I have experience in costumes for:
I also take commissions for:
Personal Wardrobe
I am also known for my illustration techniques in both Fashion and Costume Design.
Please peruse my site for examples, and drop me a line if you have any questions, but be sure to visit my FAQ first!

The creative process isn't an easy one, but what process is?
It takes a will to bring a dream alive, whether it be a wedding dress or the dress one's favorite character wears in a movie. To dress up and make believe some see as childish, but it helps fuel the human desire to imagine and dream...and to be much more than what we are confined to be.
Thanks for visiting!

Quality and authenticity at a reasonable price.

Costume Design
Off the Lot Magazine Cover Shoot

Ides of March Costume
Jennifer L. Lopez
Costume Design
Fashion and Costume Illustration
Film, Television, and Theatre

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