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Ides of March Costume
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Services Provided
Cosplay: The recreation of a costume from a character of another designer, including anime and live action film. I strive to create costumes as close to the original design as possible.
Wedding/Prom: Custom designed wedding gowns, bridal party, prom and other dance socials, and quincinera and party. Also seamstress and alteration services.
Theater, Film, Television: Custom costumes for film, TV, television. Seamstress, alterations, and custom designs. Wardrobe, script analysis, historical, DESIGN, rentals, stylist, and mostly everything else associated with costumes on a film. Email me for more details about me and the indie films I am involved with.
Fashion: Contemporary women's, juniors, children's, toddler, and infant custom designs and illustrations, including tech specs and flats. Professional presentations, theme and merchandizing boards/line sheets. CAD.
Character Design/Illustration/Concept: Concepts for character design in film, TV, theatre, animation, and video games.
Walk Abouts and Mascots: Foam walk abouts and mascots for schools and sports teams, and theme parks.
Dance/Athletic: Custom tutus, leotards, and bathing suits.

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