In 2006 I will be putting out a calendar of customs! Below are some photo ops ideas for each month (but are not necessarily the finished photo chosen). Click to enlarge!


A villa in Italy; Actual size=130 pixels wide

A New Pony Tail

Custom Creations

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Here are photos of customs I have created using G1 Loving Family Daddy's and Big Brothers, G1 Pegasi and Earth Ponies, and G3 Earth ponies. All ponies can be recommissioned except for G1 custom creations unless you have a G1 pony 'base' you don't mind being customized. This is, of course, unless otherwise noted.
Please do not steal my characters. :D

Bridal Pony
Zebra Pony, 3/4 View
Zebra Pony

I cleaned and painted this Bridal Pony to be a Zebra. Whole reroot and retail, and I rooted new eyelashes on her so her eyelashes would stand out from the paint. I kept the original eyecolor.
Through this project I was affirmed that my inability to keep my hands steady will make me use decals for other customs.
I might also do eyelashes for all other customs. I really like the look.
"This PONY is SO CUTE! Wonderful!!! Thanks Seller!!!" ~eBay feedback
"Hello, I love the Zebra custom MLP...With the movie Racing Stripes just coming out and the fact that our little POA real pony has the same kind of "sticking straight up mane" we are just crazy about the one you made. We have a huge collection of My Little Ponies and many Custom My Little Ponies and your little Zebra is definitly one of our favorites.  We especially love the violet colored eyes. Thank you so Much!! Kitty and my daughter Falon too!" ~from the purchaser ^.^

I get all my pony hair from or from select costume/hair salons in Hollywood and Burbank.
My favorite pony carriers: Target, Toys R, KB Toys, Ebay
Beads, jewelry, and findings from

New tales for the new G3 MLP, including customs I've made.

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