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Would you like to commission a custom pony? Please read my FAQ and then email me.


Email me for a custom commission, question, or to report a broken link.


  1. Do you draw all those custom pony pictures, or does someone do it for you? Do you use templates? I did use templates upon drawing my first customs, as the way ponies are drawn today had changed from the last time I had seen them. But I do draw them all myself and use ink and marker/colored pencil on graphics paper.
  2. Do you sell on Ebay? Yes, my username is comicbookguru.
  3. Will you tell me how you did this or this, or where you got this or this? Yes. Somewheres on my site I will have links to my suppliers. If I do not tell you on my site, I probably have a trade secret I don't want to tell you. But don't worry, there are tons of how to customize pony sites on the web, my favorite being this one.
  4. What are your prices for customizing/designing/restoring? Each pony design or restore is different, so I cannot give a price on my website. I do charge a design fee, but it is a minimal consultation fee.
  5. Do you buy pony lots? Yes, please. At a reasonable price. I don't like to pay more than mebbe $3 for bait, and even then I will negotiate depending on its condition.
  6. Will you make duplicates of your designs? Unless otherwise stated, I don't see why not. Except if the ponies I used in the original design are rare and I can't track one down, I will ask you to provide that base pony. Please keep in mind that I will only duplicate most designs I make for myself once, I will not duplicate designs commissioned privately ever, and I will limit myself to two ponies of a design that I created to sell or give away as a gift. So if the design says gift or sold on ebay, and doesnt say "will not replicate", then email me if you would like me to recreate that design.
  7. What safety features do you include in the designs? Even though I recommend customs as display only, I know little kids wont be able to keep their hands off what looks like a perfectly good toy. In this case, I never replace tails with metal washers, and I try not to use metal parts unless protected somehow due to rust. I also clean each custom with bleach internally to kill and prevent mold growth. If I dye or paint, I use proper sealants and cure time to ensure no paint or dye migrates onto clothing or hands.
  8. I am not happy with my custom. I want a refund. Unless due to neglegence on my behalf (forgot to plug a plug, accidental paint print, etc) which I will fix and return to you on my own dime, NO. I make sure the product is what you want every step of the way, and do not make changes unless you are notified, and if something forces me to do something other than what is planned in the design process, I will let you know and seek approval before implementing those changes.
  9. Do you work for Hasbro? Do you own any of these characters? I do not work for Hasbro, although that would be SWEET! The characters are my own invention, I am afraid, aside from the little clip art dotting my pages. Those ponies belong to Hasbro.
  10. Will you marry me? Um, no.

New tales for the new G3 MLP, including customs I've made.

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