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Here is a list of ponies that have made it into my hands.  Now, just because I have possession of them does not mean they will stay the way they are. I don't really like collecting, and will probably turn them into customs unless they are rare, exclusives, or pony point ponies.


Daddy Apple Delight

Daddy Apple Delight came to me from ebay. His head had been taken off and glued back on, but is misaligned. His tail was frizzy, and upon brushing it, found it to be lacking in suffecient hair, like some had been pulled out. His mane is frizzy, but still has the same curl and style. He is dirty, but his symbols, although ugly to me, are in good shape. I plan on customizing him, since his symbols are not pretty and he could look so much better with long, yellow straight hair. He is of medium rarity, and I've seen him on ebay twice. I think I will keep him as apple delight but make a better cutie mark than these ugly trees.

Lemon Drop, Moondancer mom and baby, Medley

This is Lemon Drop, Moondancer, Baby Moondancer, and Medley. They all need cleaning, Moondancer needs to be re-haired, and Lemon Drop could use a new tail. Baby Moondancer appears to just need cleaning, although I will check for internal rust and mold. So they're going to be just restored. Each has a low or moderate rarity rating.

I do have wants. Currently I am looking for:
Complete Big Brother sets. So far I have none.
Denim Blue
Spring Parade
Minty (original)
The new Target Valentine ponies

The New Herd!
I plan on customizing a few of these. I wont touch the blue jewel pony I have, or Spring Parade. Toys R Us has a two for one deal with two packs on amazon.com, so I gots the hook ups! Woot!

Toys R Us Four Pack

I took these guys out of the package, although every other one I have is still in the package. I was sad to say I was disappointed with their hair. Their tails are thin and skimpy, and if curled, the hair is frizzy at the ends. The white one will become a custom for my sister. I like Princess Peppermint, but her symbol sucks. I like the purple one's hair, so I might keep her the way she is.

Toys R Us Two Pack, Starbeam and Desert Bloom

Starbeam will soon become my character Ricochet. I can't stand acetate in pony's hair!

Toys R Us Two Pack, Sew and So and Fluttershy

I really love rainbow ponies, so these guys are staying in their packaging. I'm thinking of having Sew and So become my mascot, since I am a costume designer, always sewing. She's so pretty. :D


New tales for the new G3 MLP, including customs I've made.

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